Meeting of the City Counseling Commission in Devoll

City Counseling Commission in Devoll held a meeting where different issues were discussed.

The Major, Mr. Bledjon Nallbati was present in the meeting. He expressed his support to the Commission and praised its work in service of the community about common daily problems. Mr. Nallbati pointed out the good cooperation and the successful work in order to have satisfactory local governance. The discussion concluded by signing the Cooperation Agreement between the Municipality of Devoll and the City Counseling Commission.

The friendly meeting discussed one of the problems for the citizens of Bilisht. It is the issue of waste management within the town. Their final removal process requires time and high costs. The City Counseling Commission will support the Municipality of Devoll by presenting the problem to the Municipal Council so that the waste is collected in the smallest area possible and monitoring the area for abusive actions by non-identified persons who burn them creating a contaminated and unpleasant place for the citizens. 

The Major provided information about some investments in town, as it is the sewage system, power supply in villages and 52 km pavement for main filed streets.

Other priorities discussed during the meeting were:

  • Fire wood supply for citizens during winter
  • Preventing livestock in town
  • Town cemetery  
  • Discussion about whether to remove or not chestnut trees in the pedestrian area in Bilisht.

These problems are a priority and have not found any solutions yet. The Municipality of Devoll will continue to cooperate with the City Commission in order to bring about proposals for solutions and involve the civic opinion further.

The City Commission in Devoll along with the support of the project’s coordinators “Strengthen democracy and rule of law by empowering citizens and civil society through participatory processes in governance” will continue to work for identifying other problems, enlarging this institution to be an unique voice for the citizens of Devoll.   

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