Meeting of the City Counselling Commission Korçë

The City Counseling Commission of Korca held a meeting where they discussed the issues of its operation and activities.

The meeting consisted in discussing about the Agreement of Cooperation with the Muncipality of Korca.

The members approved the final draft of the Agreement that would be presented to the Municipality to sign it and have mutual understanding.

RDA Korca presented the results of the survey on municipal services and evaluation of community satisfaction for these services.

During the meeting, members of the City Council discussed e few problems emerging in town which should be presented to the Municipality very soon in order to take measures. One of the main and emergent issues was the supply with fire wood for the citizens during winter months.

The Commission will present the problem to the Municipality based on professional treatment and offering solutions based on community vision.

City Counseling Commission of Korca will be divided into sub-commissions like: economy, business, legislation, tourism, sports, environment, agriculture, gender issues, social issues, etc. Each of these groups will need to discuss, lobbying and communicate specific issues that would require expert level.

The upcoming meeting was fixed and the discussion topics that will take place. 

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