Meeting of the Rural Council for Local Development, RURAL KORÇË

In the framework of the project “Rural Korçë”, funded by the EU and implemented by the Regional Development Agency in Korca, meeting of the Rural Council for Local Development driven by Community took place in the premises of Korca Business Incubator.

First, the participants discussed about issues and perspectives of rural economic development in Korca Region.
To further formalize the Rural Council, elections for the Council’s Board were held. One representative for each administrative unit was elected. Creation of this network with a higher participation of women and young people intends to take concrete actions for local empowerment, promotion of rural society’s identity and better management of rural development.

During the meeting, the participants were informed on financing opportunities for rural development projects through grant schemes such as IPARD II. Preparation of development projects and

attraction of national / international funds is one of the main objectives of the Rural Council.

In a common Q/A session, the participants expressed their interest and willingness to become actively engaged in a good rural development management.

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