Smart agriculture platform AGRICULTURE 4.0 being provided by RDA Korca to farmers from Korca and all over Albania is combined with other services. In order to obtain these services, you may contact directly the company or we may assist you. The platform works in Albanian Language as well.



“Agricolus is a platform consisting of the best technologies of Agriculture 4.0 which support the farmers’ field works: - field mapping – vegetation indicators processed by satellite images – predictive models on phenology, irrigation, fertilization, diseases and harmful insects – collection of field data through mobile app – work and activities management – descriptive maps on fertilization – registration of machineries, activities and related costs. All functionalities are part of a single and unique platform, easy to use and designed to offer a complete Decision Support System.


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Project “TODAY – “Incubate agro-innovation to plant start-ups in the farms of the future” is supported by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) regarding co-delegated EU for Innovation project.