July, 2016 to July, 2018

Funded by: IADSA (Italian Albanian Debt for Development Swap Agreement).

Implemented by: The Municipality of Elbasan and its partner, Regional Development Agency in Korca.

Location of the project is the Municipality of Elbasan and the administrative units: Paper; Shirgjan; Tregan; Gjergjan; Zavalinë; Labinot Fushë; Labinot Mal; Shushicë; Funar.

The main objective of the project is to empower communities by providing permanent solutions to the school buildings and related infrastructure issues to increase quality of teaching and learning and developing schools as community centers. 

Some of the project’s specific objectives are:

1. Create a safe and hygienic education environment for the target communities.

2. Improve learning conditions, especially for girls and disabled students who are more negatively affected by the poor conditions, of school facilities.

3. Maximize attendance for pupils.

4. Increase quality of education for 1646 children/pupils.

5. Decrease drop outs from school in general and especially for girls.

6. Create educational equal opportunities for 1646 children/pupils and 31,092 inhabitants in the rural areas of Elbasan.

7. Impact economy through decreasing costs of maintenance and utilities after the improvements.

8. Develop schools as centers of community to serve the underserved communities of the target beneficiaries.

9. Improve equality of development between urban and rural areas of Elbasan Municipality.

10. Create better conditions for children to be prepared for their future and participate in the development of the region and Albania.

11. Increase power of development for rural areas.

12. Improve conditions for lifelong learning for rural communities


The following results are expected in the end of the project:

  • Improved infrastructure for 8 schools and another 3 schools through the construction of the bridge of Lugaxhi;
  • Improved education conditions and learning; (11 schools)
  • Positive attitude towards education and education facilities for 31,092 people and 1646 children.
  • Better motivation for pupils and teachers; (beneficiaries 1646 children and more than 70 teachers);
  • Better performance of pupils and teachers;
  • Improved safety for children and teachers;
  • Improved health for the pupils;
  • Improved links between 11 schools and 31,092 inhabitant;
  • Generated construction jobs and construction-related jobs; (around 100 jobs created);
  • Increased economic activity in the region;
  • Improved position for women in the region and more time for them to care for their families and to be a part of the activities of their children in the schools;
  • Decreased maintenance costs for 8 renovated schools;
  • Less conservationism in the region;