September, 2018 to June, 2019

Supported by: Small Grants Program of the US Embassy in Tirana

Implemented by: Foundation Regional Development Agency (RDA) Korca


Project Purpose: All youth of Korca region to be critical thinkers, creative communicators and dynamic collaborators.

The project aims:

The project aims to tackle the large gap between scientific tools for empowering democracy and school integration of such tools, through mechanisms which will empower youth with computational thinking and engagement. Critical thinking development and civic engagement of the youth is the main priority of the project. The project will decrease in the near future the gender gap in the University of Korce, IT faculty where student’s attendance for total 3 years is M-182 students and F-21 students.

More specific the project will empower youth (age 15-19) of 10 schools in Korca region (2000 beneficiaries in total and 300 students as direct beneficiaries) with:

-      Computational thinking for students with computer knowledge;

-     Access to computers and computers science for students which lack in total or partially the computer skills, especially for schools in rural areas (60% of beneficiaries will be rural);

-   Empower the beneficiaries with critical thinking to be creative communicators and to engage on democracy development activities. 


Specific objectives:

-          Empower 300 direct beneficiaries with computational thinking to develop critical thinking and civic engagement;

-          Empower 2000 students especially students in rural areas by offering them access to computers and computer science;

-          Develop example to be replicated on other schools of Korca region and wider;

-          Develop conditions for youth participation and civic engagement for democracy;

-          In the near future close gender gap in Korca university IT Faculty. Current ratio of student attendance (total 3 yrs): M-182; F-21;