October, 2014 to July, 2015


Project “Learn and Earn your Business”.

The goal of the project was to empower young people to become self-employed and engage in a productive livelihood not only to escape the trap of poverty, but also to enable them to become active contributors to the economic and social activity of Korca community.

In the framework of the project “The Youth for Job” Council was created. It coordinates and engages the local government structures, entrepreneurs and Civil Society to build capacities and increase the skills of young people in Korca. More than 120 young people were able to enter the labor market.

The project assisted 23 young people into self-employment by using incentives to support them and other 15 were self-employed.

45 young people were employed in local businesses and institutions in the framework of the project.

152 young people attended professional training; 124 of them were provided with business training and professional skills according to labor market needs.

The youth involvement in local issues and decision-making process was increased and opportunities were created for the recent University graduated to start and run suuccessful businesses, give new ideas for creating new jobs, revitalize our community and make our economy work for everyone .

The project was implemented in close cooperation with the VET Center in Korca and supported financially by AssistImpact/USAID.