April, 2018 to April, 2020


Funded by the Euopean Union


The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacities of Albania CSOs in promoting good governance of rural development, through capacity building and active participation.

The specific objective is to promote rural civil society’s identification and implementation of concrete actions for a strong, good and citizen’s oriented model of rural development, supporting an active and competent society that also enables the participation of rural communities.


The project is developed according with 3 specific expected results:

Result 1. Local empowerment and networking of 60 rural people and organizations favoured through the “Council for Rural development” for their active participation in the process of rural development.

Result 2. Competencies of 10 rural civil society organizations strengthened in promoting good practices in rural development, through capacity building and project work.

Result 3. Rural networking favoured through the organization of innovative community spaces in Korçë and Devoll for the exchange of ideas/good practices in the area of rural development with the involvement of CSOs and students


In particular, the action addresses:

·         Lack of awareness and limited engagement, lack of information, lack of competences of Albanian civil society at different levels (CSOs, vulnerable people, students) about good governance, rural good practices, food safety.

·         Under-representation of local rural communities at local government levels.

·         Need to strengthen the civil society organizations in the rural areas: low capacity for advocacy, low level of empowerment, low skilled members.

·         Lack of monitoring the implementation of legislation and reforms for development of rural areas, low level of connection/use with media.

·         Lack of networking and exchanges between rural communities, lack of a wider vision and the importance of synergies and lack of know-how and good practices in farms and at regional level.