June, 2015 to June, 2017

Project title: Strengthen democracy and rule of law by empowering citizens and civil society through participatory processes in governance. (Municipality of Korça, Elbasan and Devoll).

Supported by: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Albania.

The goal of the project is to guarantee law enforcement by providing democratic and accountable governance for local communities, to ensure the provision of services to communities in a sustainable manner and to encourage the involvement of communities and community organizations in the matters of local government.

Objectives of the project

1.     Improve the representation of the interests of about 350 000 inhabitants/citizens of the Municipality of Korce, Elbasan and Devoll. Help them to be prepared through 25 “Community Support Teams” and be         represented in at least 80% of the meetings of Municipal Councils.

2.     Strengthening the local identity of the 25 beneficiaries’ communities represented by 25 “Community Support Teams” through the organization of activities that will strengthen their social life.

3.     Improve the accessibility of local administration to all 25 beneficiaries’ communities and more, especially to remote areas, by improving their connection to the local administration.

4.     Limit conflicts among regions through support of more than 25 social communities, for the solution of the conflicts that may rise during the amalgamation process.

5.     Improve the connection between the councilors and the communities of the beneficiaries’ area.

6.     Improve the image of the elected mayors and Municipality councils with direct actions and cooperation. Help them to work for the community and be real representatives of the community.

7.     Identify problems, special needs of each community and offer solutions.

8.      Enforce the rule of law by strengthening the administrative capacity of local government units of Korca, Elbasan and Devoll, allowing them to exercise their authority and implement legislation in a financially      sustainable way, enforcing transparency, effectiveness and inclusiveness.

9.    Increase representation for women and minorities. 40% – 50% of the members of the “Community Support Teams” to be women, minority representatives and youth representatives. The project will serve as a  link between the women participating in the “Community Support Teams” and women, members of the Municipality Councils. Due to the new changes in the electoral reform, 50% of the members of the  councils will be women. As a result, the project considers very important the connection between women as councilors and women members of the “Community Supports Teams”.