August, 2020 to July, 2021


Supported by: The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) regarding co-delegated EU For Innovation project

Implemented by: Regional Development Agency (RDA) Korca in cooperation with the Municipality of Korca


Objectives of the project

Main objective: To enhance agriculture through improved information and communication processes and make it attractive for Youth employment and start-up businesses.

Specific objectives:

-          Korca Business Incubator (KBI) to become the main innovation organization for start-ups support in the Korca region, connecting science academia, the private/public sector and Youth.

-          Connecting farm smallholders to Knowledge, Networks and Institutions through innovative start-ups and knowledge.


Results of the project

Strengthened KBI’ services 

·        Developed partnership with partners and prepared training modules with ( Software bought and developed for Korca farmers and start-ups conditions.

·       Target 50 persons, Youth and farmers to participate in the project and train, mentor, coach interested incubates on smart farming, innovative business propositions, precise agriculture, land suitability services, technology and innovation. 

Developed field support for the start-ups and farmers.

·         50 % of the target beneficiaries will be women and girls.

·         Trained and coached 50 participants. 10 Training sessions prepared and developed based on the training modules prepared with CEFE Modules and Land Suitability. 40 days in field training. 

·         Supported 50 participants to develop services for their farm or other farms. Services to be developed based on the knowledge of precise agriculture, land suitability study and CEFE strategy to support young entrepreneurs.

·         Supported 50 participants to manage the risks associated with an agribusiness enterprise through a combination of technology, institutional, and networking strategies;

·         Coached at least 25 participants to developed models for farm support.

·         Incubation and in field support for identified 5 pilot farms. Develop simple farm levels business based on Land Suitability and Precise agriculture and other models that can be learned and applied commercially by large numbers of small scale farmers.