June, 2013 to May, 2015


Project “Trees for Hope”

Supported by: IADSA (the Italian Albanian Debt for Development Swap Agreement)

Implemented by: Barmash commune and the Regional Development Agency in Korca

The project’s overall objective was to develop forest resources in poor rural areas on a sustainable and participatory basis to support poverty reduction, social inclusion of rural communities in marginalized areas, forestry development and improved environmental management.

There were 451 people involved in the process who were provided with specific training on essential forest improvement techniques.

Thanks to the Barmash community’s inclusion in the process, the following results were achieved:

1.  Increase of family incomes: Average monthly family incomes were increased by 108% in because of the project

2. Increase of forest productivity: Based on management plan, 650 forest hectares were improved. 

3.  Participation of women, youth and marginalized categories in the project: About 33% of the total number of employed people were women and 30% were young people.

The project gave a positive impetus to the economic and social life of Barmash people. The inhabitants will continue to take care of the forest and use its resources efficiently. They will continue to be self-employed and generate profits by using constantly the forest resources through new techniques they learned during the project’s implementation.