August, 2014 to August, 2015

Supported by: The U.S Embassy, Small Grants Program 

Implemented from: The Regional Development Agency, Korçë

The project purpose was to integrate and empower poor women to break the poverty cycle for themselves and for their families, and prevent human trafficking.

Specific goals:

  • Increase self-confidence and self-esteem for the selected group.
  • Train and empower the women to be fully employable in their chosen field by attending appropriate vocational and business courses.
  • Offer job opportunities and employ the target group, at least 20 women.
  • Ensure that women are valued and celebrated for their paid and unpaid contributions to families and communities, regardless of their economic status;
  • Ensure that every woman, regardless of her economic status, will find respect, support, and assistance when it is needed, and equal access to community resources;
  • End discrimination and unhelpful responses based on negative, unhelpful, stereotypical attitudes about women and poverty;
  • Bring rural women, families, communities and local governments together to build partnerships and action plans to make rural communities vibrant and sustainable for all;
  • Build hope, innovation, leadership, common purpose, and respect for diversity to ultimately end poverty in our communities.


       Specific measured results in the end of the project

  • More than 100 questionnaires were completed in order to identify the women with the target issues of poverty & unemployment.
  • At least 70 interviews with women were conducted for determining specific problems to be resolved.
  • 30 women – project’s beneficiaries were assisted and mentored; of which 24 were employed or self- employed in the end of the project.