Coordination meeting of the City Counseling Committee, Korçë

In the meeting room on the Municipal Council in Korca the Coordination meeting of the City Counseling Committee took place. Its objective was to re-structure and refresh the membership of the Committee and to work out a plan for 2016 and the future. In the framework of implementing the new territorial reform, it is aimed the re-composition of the Committee by involving representatives from rural administrative units ensuring a wider civic representation.

The Regional Development Agency enabled the participation with representatives from civic commissions established in rural administrative units of the Municipality of Korca.

The participation in the Committee is voluntary. All citizens that feel like they may contribute are free to contact us. However, when the next meeting is scheduled, it will be posted on this website. We believe that the next meeting will take place in May.

We ask everyone to please continue with reporting the problems and concerns of the community in the civic online portal: The actual number of reporting individuals is 47. There are reported about 257 problems and 20 of them have found solution. The municipal administrations are currently involved in the process in municipalities of Devolli, Elbasan and Korca. 

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